"Moroleon Mexico Mission" 2009

!! Update !!

Maria de los AngelesMaria is in much need of prayer and help now, as she is faced with losing her other leg. We are desperately trying to help her with any resources we know possible now, to help this family.After losing her Father, the year prior the day of the accident when they were struck by a driver out of control, standing with their Grandmother on the sidewalk. Maria de los Angeles, age 10, and her Sister Ana Jazmin, age 12, were transported immeditately to the hospital, while her brother Jesus Adrian age 6, and their Grandmother Margarita Villalpando age 54, passed away at the scene. Maria had her surgery and sister Ana passed away during the surgery. Maria is now facing, the loss of her other leg on March 10.

If you are able to help in anyway, please contact me directly. We are in search of donations and prayers to help this young lady

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Our first pilot year on “Mission Moroleon”, was the most rewarding Christmas gift I have ever experienced. I am excited about this project and am getting excited already about “2010”. Lourdes and Fernando Lopez, owners of Las Palomas Restaurant, facilitated this vision, along with their children, Sandra, Danny and Teresa.

How it started. Day 1 – Fernando and Arturo drove a truck of clothes, supplies and shoes for the mission in two days straight driving through the night until they arrived in Moroleon.

Lourdes flew in on December 21. I was a day behind her. I flew into Leon and took a bus to Moroleon. What a welcome sight to see Lourdes standing there waiting for me.

“A Little Note About Lourdes…AKA “Lula” as known by many. I have never met such a hard working woman who never complains, unselfishly giving to so many. As busy as she is she takes any spare time and compassion to take care of others, like she does…A Life Lesson for me!!!

Lula’s sister prepared 500 tamales while Lula, Sandra Lopez, Sandra Little, Teresa & Jean stuffed and prepared 200 plus bags of candy and toys for the children. In minutes to spare to get to the church, Fernando drove us on Lula’s favorite hills to the church.

I began to Video this incredible sight of 250 to 300 children singing their prayers under their teacher’s instruction. While I was capturing this on video, Lourdes was busy outside setting up the tables of clothes, shoes and supplies, as her sister and other helpers sat up the food line of the famous tamales, Lula’s jello cups and juices for the children.

The buzz inside the church was intense. The kids were getting restless. My job was to video the event and watch the candy stash. I saw the importance of this as the word got out, children congregated in that particular corner.

Lula was in the middle of the buzz of women who were so excited to look at the clothes and shoes. Lula assisted them to pick the perfect gifts for their children, as her sisters started the buffet line. Sandra, Teresa and Jean helped distribute the items and take photos.

Lula’s Heart of Gold was not done for the day. After the mission at the church, we walked to a home of a little 10 year old girl named Maria. Maria was involved in a car accident six months ago and lost her Father, Sister, Brother and her legs. I took photos as Lula asked her if we could try to get her a medical visa to come to the United States to have prosthetic leg surgery. She nodded yes.

The Mountain

The next day we went shopping for food and supplies, for the family on the mountain. We all climbed into the van, picking up Lula’s mom and sister on the way. Fernando drove us to the bottom of the mountain, the farthest any vehicle could make it. “The hike was on!!”

The rough terrain was unforgiving, and was a bit of a challenge. Danny called this, “Gods Forgotten Land”. Danny packed a 50 pound bag of rice on his shoulder as we teased him, “Run Danny run”!! Mama Maria and Jean “God Bless em!!!” , Finally joined us at the top!!

The homestead was horrific living conditions, no water for cooking or cleaning. They have to take a mule down the mountain when possible to get a couple jugs of water. They only shower when it rains.

The children don’t see strangers so they were very pensive about our arrival and hid thinking we were going to take them away. I had permission to video inside their home. Lula’s was concerned for the children being afraid of us, so we started our decent down the mountain, to the van and were off for the family Christmas Party and the “La Victoria Tortilla Factory Tour”. The best Tortillas I have ever had!! Awesome food and fun!!

“2010 Goal” To bring larger water containers to the mountain.

We are starting earlier this year and are accepting clothes, shoes, toys or any helpful donation for the “2010 mission to Moroleon”.

Muchas Gracias and a very special Thank you to those who donated in “2009”.

  • Dawn Germain
  • Linda Harvey – Allstate Insurance
  • Josie Carroll
  • Virginia Bennett
  • Dung Rogers – Magic Nails
  • Bobby Kinsey
  • Dennis Crabb
  • Dave & Pat Heeres & Beth Yancie
  • Harriet Hochstedler
  • OBF (Olympic Bible Fellowship)
  • Angela Cisneros & Ivan Sorensen
  • Wednesday Morning Men’s Bible Study at IBC
  • Skip & Les Yandell
  • River Sussman
  • Nan Benson
  • Sheryl Donat
  • Sarah Winfield
  • Dr. Cynthia Bidegary
  • Dr. Matthew Niemeyer
  • Denna Rice
  • Darcie Batchelor
  • And many more that have gave graciously from your heart. Your kindness will not be forgotten.

A very special “Thank you” to the Lopez Family for your kindness and hospitality. Fernando, Lourdes, Sandra, Danny and Teresa for feeding me, sharing this vision with me and your home. Thank you for listening and being my special friend Arturo. I enjoyed the escorted tours!!!

Lopez Family

Left to right: Fernado, Danny, Sandra, Teresa, Teresa, and Lourdes "Lula"

Thank you to the Lopez family for organizing such a rewarding and benefical mission for the Mexican children during the holiday season of 2009