A little about Sandra Little, your Travel Agent

Sandra, originally from Las Vegas, has worked in all aspects of the industry. She made her start with World Airways based in reservations headquarters in Oakland, CA. She is passionate about selling Hawaii as she worked in wholesale recommending and booking Hawaii packages for travel agents. She has loved living in Sequim and loves her clientele, they are her extended traveling family. Some of her favorite places to travel are: Japan, Korea, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Mexico.

Sandra loves cruising, traveling, running, snow / water skiing, surfing, and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her favorite book, that she's reading currently, is "Geisha, A Life".

Sandra also loves deep sea fishing, she even sets up an annual Deep Sea Fishing Expedition.

Last year, 2009, was a very busy year for us at Sequim Travel and Cruises, see what we were up to Here. And a big "Thank you" goes out to all that helped me with making last year such a success.